bruce firetruck 300Welcome to D'Olivo!     

In order to tell the D'Olivo story, let me start with giving you a before picture. I had worked at the Fire Department for 30 years. I ate salad….about once a week, and when I did, it had either honey mustard or ranch on it! I didn’t use olive oil or know anything about it. I used a lot of butter and mayonnaise. I used sugar in a lot of things as I have a big sweet tooth.  I didn’t cook much and rarely used vinegars because they were always so sharp tasting. I didn’t eat very many veggies and when I did it was with butter! As a result, my cholesterol levels were always borderline high.

In 2013 I was in Colorado on vacation. While getting my truck worked on, I happen to stumble into an olive oil shop. My first impression was exactly what I see from so many first-time customers, “I don’t do vinegars!!!” and “Really? You want me to taste olive oil? Yuck!” But just like what happens with every customer that comes into our store and tastes that first sample, I said, “Oh my gosh! That’s crazy good!” So, I bought several bottles and used them sparingly. I didn’t know much about them and how they would change my life!

bruce at store 300Once back home, I thought about how there was nothing like that anywhere around here in Wenatchee. Being a little bit of an entrepreneur and risk taker, I immediately thought having a store like that here would be cool! A friend of mine told me there were some openings coming up at Pybus Market, which was already under construction at that time. I talked to Mike Walker and he agreed; it was a business that he wanted there. It was that easy! I was about to go with one of the franchise businesses that do olive oils, but upon doing research, I discovered that about 80% of the oil out there was fraudulent! By another stroke of fate, the owner of Pasta Mamas suggested that I look into Veronica Foods. I flew down to Oakland to check them out and found that it was an incredible company with quality products: UP extra virgin olive oil. This got me started on my journey of olive oil education.

I retired from the Fire Department. I now enjoy helping people in a different way. I educate them on the health benefits of Ultra-Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil and what to look for when shopping. I’m passionate about olive oil and vinegar health benefits. My wife and I go through a 375 ml. bottle of oil and vinegar about every 2 weeks. We cook everything with it and put it on most foods we eat as a topping. Now I’m a great cook! I just add infused olive oils or vinegars to everything! I don’t use any butter or mayonnaise anymore at all. I don’t use sugar either. Instead we substitute with flavored vinegars. I also eat veggies every day, with infused olive oils of course!

As a result of these changes I eat much healthier now. I have more energy and my cholesterol is the lowest it has ever been! And all that without medication! I’m continuously reading and learning about the chemistry of olive oil and the health benefits. My passion is to pass on the information I have learned to everyone that comes into the store so they can make healthier decisions in their lives!


-Bruce Hosfeld